Obama as Ohio State graduation speaker means fewer tickets for students Obama as Ohio State graduation speaker means fewer tickets for students

President Obama visited Ohio State University during the 2012 presidential campaign. (Kevin Lamarque – Reuters)
Good news for this year’s graduating class of Ohio State University: your commencement speaker will be President Obama, who usually puts on a pretty good oratorical show — better than your average semi-famous alum spewing dry truisms.

The bad news: Great-aunt Doris might have to miss it.

An announcement Wednesday notifying seniors that they would only get four tickets each to the May 5 graduation exercises sparked low-level panic among students — at least among those who weren’t too busy studying (surely, that’s what college seniors are up to, right?) to notice.

Typically, students may invite an unlimited number of guests to the graduation ceremony, which takes place in the university’s football arena. But the presence of the president and the tightened security that accompanies him — plus, officials tell us, renovations at the stadium and a historically large graduating class that have resulted in greater demand — means all those great-uncles and cousins-twice-removed might not be able to be there for the happy occasion.

A spokeswoman tells us there might be additional tickets to give out later, so students can have a few guests on standby.

We know of at least one would-have-been attendee (with a hotel room already booked) who was notified by her young relative via text that she had been nixed from his guest list.

Let’s hope they still send checks.

Source : washingtonpost[dot]com


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