Question Time with The Fix!

We spent an hour answering a total of 57 of your questions on Friday in our weekly chat. But there were, as always, some that we couldn’t type fast enough to get to.

That’s where Saturday question time with the Fix comes in. (For an explanation of what we are talking about, click here.) Below we answer a handful more questions. Thanks for submitting/reading and spread the word! The Fix live chat is every Friday at 11 am eastern. Be there!

Q: Ted Cruz… How could he possibly win a general election in 2016? Does he think the lesson of 2012 was that Republican primary voters didn’t choose the true conservative and that’s why they lost?

A: I think that’s putting the cart a little ahead of the horse. Yes, Cruz appears to be a man in a hurry but I am not sure even he thinks that much about running for president in 2016. What is clear from his first few months in the Senate is that he is not going to be a go-along-to-get-along type at all.  I don’t think Cruz cares much for the clubby atmosphere of the Senate and, to be honest, that will be a major point in his favor among many tea party activists.

Q: So, is it safe to call him Sen. Booker now? Or is there a chance at Sen. Pallone? Also, what do you think are the chances that there are 2 new senators from the Garden State in 2014?

A: I think Cory Booker, the current mayor of Newark, is the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination because a) he is an African American, which is a major edge in Democratic primary and b) he should he able to raise money hand over first.

Now, I think it’s important to note that Booker has never run in a race this high profile before. And, there are those in New Jersey who insist he is overrated as a politician. Also complicating the Booker confirmation is the fact that Rep. Frank Pallone is also running and that Pallone begins the race with $3.4 million in the bank.

Still, this is Booker’s race to lose.

Q: Do you anticipate the recent space events, an exploding meteor in Russia and the large object floating past us right now, giving Newt Gingrich a solid message on which to build his space-themed 2016 presidential campaign?

A: How far off can the electromagnetic pulse be?

Q: What’s your gut reaction regarding whether Hillary Clinton will actually run or not?

A: My basic riff on Clinton is this: If there is any part of her that still wants to be president, it would be very tough for her to not run in 2016 given how prohibitive her lead is against potential Democratic primary foes.  There’s no such thing as a sure thing in campaign politics — Clinton, of all people, knows that — but she is a very heavy favorite to be her party’s nominee in 2016. (You can read our rankings of the 10 men and women most likely to be the Democratic nominee in 2016 here.)

I have no idea whether there is any part of her left that wants to be president. And my guess is that her recent health problems postponed any serious thought — even within her innermost circle — of whether she will run for 6 months (or more).

Q: 2016…I’ve thought a lot about it but I have not found the key for GOP to win in close states like PA, MN or even Michigan..have you?

A: No. I think it’s likely that places like Arizona and maybe even Georgia could be more competitive for Democrats in 2016 (and certainly 2020) but there’s no obvious counterbalance of a newly competitive state for Republicans.

Source : washingtonpost[dot]com


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