Many Marines say they’d quit Corps over women in combat

(Paula Bronstein/Getty)

(Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Once a Marine, always a Marine — unless women enter combat roles.

Apparently, that’s the way 17 to 22 percent of male Marines feel about their future with the Corps if their female comrades move into combat jobs, according to a report by the Associated Press.

A Marine Corps survey released to the AP on Friday found that 17 percent of male Marines said they would likely abandon the Corps if women are allowed into those roles. Twenty-two percent said they would leave if woman are moved into those positions involuntarily, according to the survey.

Seventeen percent of female Marines said they would end their careers with the Corps if women are placed in combat roles involuntarily, but about 31 percent said they would be interested in moving into combat positions, according to the AP.

The survey of 53,000 Marines was conducted last summer, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta received the results before he decided to remove the Pentagon’s ban on women serving in combat, the AP reported.

Among those surveyed, both sexes listed feeling obligated to protect female Marines and intimate relationships between Marines among their top five concerns, the AP said.

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Source : washingtonpost[dot]com


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