Afghan job posting: ‘Physical hardships’ and a challenging mission Afghan job posting: ‘Physical hardships’ and a challenging mission

The Parwan detention facility near Bagram north of Kabul, Afghanistan. (David Guttenfelder – AP)
There aren’t a whole lot of cushy jobs to be found in Afghanistan.

But a recent job posting from the State Department illustrates just how difficult some gigs there are. The solicitation notice seeks a senior advisor at the Justice Center in Parwan tasked with the unenviable job of counseling Afghan officials on how to set up a modern justice system and prosecute suspects being held at the Parwan facility.

As if that doesn’t sound challenging enough, the job description then goes on to note that only those with “above average resistance to fatigue and physical hardships” need apply. Turns out, you’ll be operating in some downright tough conditions.

There’s lots of walking, apparently, on “irregular dirt or stone surfaces, on both hilly and flat terrain.” Many of the sites are remote and inaccessible. And there’s some travel on helicopters or small aircraft designed for hauling cargo — so anyone used to first-class accommodations might find themselves more than a tad uncomfortable.

And for those still reading, there’s this: “Climate conditions are also often a factor. Work is often done in extremes of cold and heat, in dusty, windy and polluted environments, and frequently outdoors.”

Which puts the complaints from many a cubicle dweller — the office thermostat is set too low, say, or the coffee’s lousy — in perspective.

Source : washingtonpost[dot]com


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